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Monday, 7 January 2008

My knitting, my machine and me

This is the first post on my blog, I was convinced by a friend to start one, because aren't a lot of machine knitting blogs, (that's true), so decided I should have given it a try.
In this blog I'll talk about:

  • Machine knitting and everything that involves knitting machines.
  • Hand knitting
  • Crocheting
I've bought my first knitting machine from eBay, and it was a vintage Knitmaster 302 from the mid sixties, it is a standard gauge knitting machine and to create the patterns, it uses push bottons and dials. It's one of the first machines that didn't need to hand-move the needles, to make a pattern. A ribber was made for it but I didn't have it.

Here's a photo of it with0ut the ribber:

My second and current machine, is another of my eBay buys: a Knitmaster 321 from the seventies, I also got for it a SRP 50 ribber. I even bought some more accessories although there are some more I have to buy....

Here's a photo of the 321 and the SRP 50 ribber:

The garments I make come from the patterns in the Modern Knitting magazines that the friend I talked you about at top kindly sends me to time to time.

I hope I wasn't to dull, but,

until next time,




Susan said...

Hi Samantha, I'm looking forward to reading about your knitting projects and seeing your progress pictures.

hugman95 said...

Hey Samantha -

Just popped in to say hello. I'm a machine knitter myself, though I haven't made much yet. I just keep practicing. Good luck!


Quilting For Less said...

It's fun to find another machine knitter! I have been machine knitting for about 20 years! I have a bulky Knitking and a computerized Knitking and a standard punchcard Toyota. I used to have a cottage industry business. We made a TON of wool hats for almost every ski resort in the western USA. Also knitted headbands for North Face. Anyhow, nice to meet you!


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