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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Machine knitting problem and new toy

Sorry, I haven't been talking with you that much the last few days, but you don't know the week I've had.
Being a teacher in high school, January is a critical month of the school year, you have the parents to meet, join all the grades of my students (68), and write them on their report cards.....
Anyway, moving on, this is a knitting blog, so...
I tried using the side weights on my Mary Weaver project , there shouldn't have been any problems, all the needles would knit properly....
Yeah, right!
It kept doing the same and exact thing, if not worse.
So, not surrending, I tried using the same yarn at a diffrent tension, can you believe it, it worked, but to be honest a I'm so sick of it that I wonder if I should bother finishing it or not. In fact I think I'll put a poll up and see what my few readers think.
Guess what I received yesterday:

A Knitmaster wool winder, as a matter of fact I already have a cone winder, but I hardly ever use it as I have no cones.

I found out that it's better to use this tool before you start knitting, as the yarn runs more freely.

Please do vote on the poll otherwise I won't know what to do, (just kidding).

I'll leave you with a video from my friend Susan, (visit her blog by clicking on "My knitting machines and me" on my sidebar at the right of the blog page).

How to use the cone winder & wool winder:

Bye for now.


1 comment:

Susan said...

I tried to vote on your poll but it came up 'cannot process request'. My vote was to finish it but at a different tension.
I'm enjoying reading your blog, I hope you get lots of visitors.