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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Ebay sellers

What's going on with some Ebay sellers lately? I'm writing this because a couple of days ago I wanted to buy some spare needles for the Knitaster 321, and on the auction page there was written that the seller sent items worldwide, but unfortunately there wasn't written the postage price for Italy so, I write to the seller to know the price. And at this moment there is no reply, at first I thought I didn't send the message so I go to the 'My Ebay' page and it was in the 'Sent' folder. Then I go to Susan's blog and I found out that something similar has happened to her too. So what's going on with Ebay sellers lately? I mean just some becuase most of them are very kind and accurate. But there are always those who spoil the whole thing.

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Monday, 4 August 2008

My new sewing machine

A couple of posts ago I told you I had bought a sewing machine, as my digital camera wasn't working properly I couldn't show you a picture, well here it is now:

I'm very happy with my new purchase!!!!!

I've bought a new accessory for the sewing machine, Ill tell you about in my next post.....

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Who needs a chunky machine!

On Saturday I decided to go yarn shopping, this time I decided to buy some DK as I never tried it before on the Knitmaster 321, well the seller sold me the yarn as DK but it really was chunky, so I thought, what do I do with it now, it didn't want to bother knitting it by hand.

Then I took a look at the manual of the Knitmaster 321 and read that you could actually knit chunky on the machine by knitting the yarn on alternate needles, so I had a browse on my magazines, and found the pattern for a Teenage sweater knitted on alternate needles at tension 8*, at the weekend I so far knitted the back:

My digital camera wasn't working properly, that's why there haven't been much photos lately on the blog, well, I got it fixed now. That is the back, it is striped, I used light blue, brown and dark pink, ten rows for each colour. It has raglan shapings, you can see it better here:

I'll start the front as soon as I have some free time....

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