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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New machine, new items, new expectations...

Today I want to talk about all that happened with my knitting lately, yet again sorry for no pictures but the camera broke again, I really should consider buying a new one.... but anyway, I can still write so, here's the news:
As you may know so far I have two knitting machines, both Knitmaster standard gauge machines, a 302 and a 321, with the first one, the 302 that I bought a couple of years ago I made some things such as a cardigan and some pairs of socks but it was always plain, because although it had a mechanism that enables you to make diffrent stitch patterns, it would never work, plus I wanted a ribber for it but on eBay it was never available so in November 2007 (the 302 was bought in August 2007), I decided to buy a new machine, I wasn't looking for a particular model, just a new-to-me machine, and I found on Ebay an auction for the 321, and another auction for a SRP50 ribber, so I bought both of them, and they were very cheap except for the postage that always rises everything because of being in a diffrent country.
With the 321 I must say I had lots of fun, I made wonderful sweaters, never using written instructions, always using the Knit Radar, I loved it, plus I had the ribber and it was such a blessing and again it made diffrent stitch patterns and the PUNCHCARDS made them, depending of how you set the carriage(s), so it was a great machine, and as you now I had a lot of accessories for it....
But the only problem is the yarn, you see here were I live the is only one yarn shop and it sells mainly hand knitting yarns, so finding finer ones that were usable on the 321 was always difficult.

So, about three weeks ago I decided to buy a bigger gauge machine so that it was easier to find yarn for it, so I decided for a Bond, didn't know the diffrence between the ISM and USM, but I decided to buy an ISM anyway and it was very cheap.
It arrived last Thursday and IT IS my salvation, it knits up beautifully and IT WORKS WITH ALL THE YARNS I CAN FIND IN MY LOCAL SHOP, YES!
So, since last Thursday I made three items, a Simple Shrug and a Tuck - Lace Wrap from the Bond America site and a Simple Hat with a pattern written in the pattern book that came with the machine, I am soo happy, really I never knitted so many thing in such a little time and also that easily!!

Today, I'll cross my fingers as I'm going to start on my first sweater so, wish me luck.

Bye for now,


Friday, 3 July 2009

Adsense and its ethic rules

As you may have noticed some days ago I joined Adsense, which is a system powered by Google. This is a system for which I allow to give spaces of my blog to put adverts, it is Google itself who chooses the ads according to the theme of the blog. If visitors find intresting those ads and follow them, I earn a little something.

For that I what to specify that I do not ask third parties to clik on the ads for me. All those who click on the ads don't recieve any recomponse of any kind. And most of all I don't clic on my own ads as it's unethical and forbidden.

I still have to see if it works otherwise I won't keep it.

Bye for now....


P.S. Photos of finished projects coming soon.....

Monday, 29 June 2009

Finally a come back

Well, it has been some time, I must apoligize myself for that, in my excuse I can say that it has been a tough year a school, very stressing really, so that's why I nearly forgot about the blog. Still, I'm here now, and I'll try to blog more often, espescially now that it's summer so I should have more time to post.

Now let's talk about what this blog is about after all, knitting, since last Semptember a lot of projects have gone by, some finished, some still in progress and some just started.....

This is what I'm planning to show you in the next posts:

-knitted man's sweater in dark red with a tuck pattern from the basic set punchcards.

-Knitted striped work bag in various colours and patterns.
-Woman's basque in autumn colours

-Fine thread cotton dolly

-HK- Colourful single bed cover in various colours and patts(19 pieces made,23 to go)
-C- Crochet double bed cover with nut patt. White 4-ply. (1 & a half made, 11 to go)

There will be photos of course, unfortunately it was too dark to take them today.