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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Finished item and a new one

Today I finished the hat I made on Sunday, I intended to finish it yesterday, I had a sudden school meeting, I wonder why that happens when you already have plans.
Today I decided I would start on this project, it's done in fisherman's rib, I never done this so, that's why I'm gonna try it:

I'm doing the man's which is supposed to be the larger size (30-inch bust, that's not a very large size is it?). So far I made the rib which is a simple 1x1 rib and then started the fisherman's rib, only made 21 rows!

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about how fisherman rib is done on my machine although Susan and I have the same machines, we do fisherman's rib diffrently, made there's something a little bit diffrent about the ribber, although I don't think so, as if they were diffrent they wouldn't fit the same machine model, they do look alike anyway.

Bye for now.


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