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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Feeling much better and an almost finished project

Today I felt much better than the past days so, I went to my knitting machine decided to do something.
I did and I made a hat, you wouldn't believe that It took my all morning to make that hat, it was shaped by short-rowing so I had to be very careful of what I was doing and although it sounds stange, I managed to make no mistakes!
I've spent all afternoon finishing it up, and this took a lot of time too. I had to graft some stitches and I did it right, (it's a wonder, I'm no good at grafting), secure the loose ends and make a 2-inch cord that went of top.
There are some things left for me to do, I should have it finished tomorrow and once it's completely finished I'll post a photo.

A lady called Helen, contacted me, and she said that she wanted some information about doing ribs without a ribber, well Helen, firstly it should be something written on your insruction book about hems that can be done without the ribbing attachment:
I think I wouldn't be much clear explaining it in writing so this video from Susan can be of more help, (many thanks to Susan):

Hope this helps.

Bye for now.


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