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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Double knitting and not much better!

Today, I've put all my energies together, not a lot of energies really as I'm on antibiotics and they wear you out, don't they?

Anyway, I tried double knitting and I did the first thing they tell you to do. To make a full rib with four colours, just to learn how the yarn changer works and it did work properly, in fact the yarns changed every two rows as it should, but to be honest I didn't try the punchcards, I felt too weak to try that, well, that's the next thing to do when I'll feel better. Still I found out that the yarn changer work properly so that's enough for me now.

My sister came visiting me today for help and she asked if I needed something, I said I didn't, and it was true in fact my mam came yesterday and she got me eerything without even asking, my fridge is so full now, I think it's going to explode!

Still there was something I wanted her to do, I never got to get (excuse the choice of words) the Mary Weaver book printed, I had the book on PDF files, and it was time I had it printed,so I gave her my USB drive and told her what she had to do.

Now it does look like a book:

That's all for today!

Bye for now!


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