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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Gifts from my birthday

Are you wondering about this post's title, well a reader of this blog already knows. It was my birthday yesterday.
I've got some gifts that I really like as they were just what I wanted.
I got a Canon MV900 camcoder that uses camera cassettes, it is a great camera (I think so far), it has a great image-sound quality for being very compact, I can have it in my purse, without problems and it weighs like nothing. It has some sort of cable that you plug into a slot in the VCR so that you can put your video on a blank VHS. Luckly who gave me this gift (my hubbie), also bought a USB capture thingy that I can use to transfer the videos on the computer and edit them with a very basic editing software that came with my computer when I first bought it, and then I can put the video on a DVD-R.
I know, it isn't a lot but I really wanted a video camera as I'm sick and tired of photos, every time something happens I make photos, never, videos, I only have videos from my marriage and my son's baptism,which somebody else did.
So it's time to make videos!!!!

I'm off to practice a little.....

Bye for now,


1 comment:

Susan said...

Are you going to make some videos for your blog? I hope so - I'll be looking out for them.