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Monday, 4 August 2008

Who needs a chunky machine!

On Saturday I decided to go yarn shopping, this time I decided to buy some DK as I never tried it before on the Knitmaster 321, well the seller sold me the yarn as DK but it really was chunky, so I thought, what do I do with it now, it didn't want to bother knitting it by hand.

Then I took a look at the manual of the Knitmaster 321 and read that you could actually knit chunky on the machine by knitting the yarn on alternate needles, so I had a browse on my magazines, and found the pattern for a Teenage sweater knitted on alternate needles at tension 8*, at the weekend I so far knitted the back:

My digital camera wasn't working properly, that's why there haven't been much photos lately on the blog, well, I got it fixed now. That is the back, it is striped, I used light blue, brown and dark pink, ten rows for each colour. It has raglan shapings, you can see it better here:

I'll start the front as soon as I have some free time....

Bye for now,



Susan said...

I like the colour combination - looking forward to seeing the finished sweater.

BuBBle GuM KniTs! said...

Nice work. I have a question. Can you email me?