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Friday, 11 July 2008

I'm back with some news

Here I am again, wow, it's good to be blogging again. Have you missed me.....

I have a lot of this to tell you, where should I start....

Well, I got a new toy last week... It's not a machine knitting accessory but it's related.

It's a sewing machine. I must say that I'm not an expert on sewing... In fact I was wondering, if some of you bloggers will tell me where to start, I'll be very grateful.

I'm really glad I got this gift, in fact there's always some sewing to do, and I think this will be very useful to me.

Before, I had a thought, as you probably know, (the ones who read my previous posts), that I have to get something to make the making up part of my machine knits faster. I was told to look out for a Hague Linker, and I always look on eBay, but the starting prices increase a lot and you also have to consider that the postage price increases too as the item has to be sent to Italy so... it remains a dream for now....

So, will my sewing machine be any good?

Another good thing is that I always wanted to try Cut & Sew necklines, but I couldn't because I couldn't do the zig zag around the neck as I didn't have a sewing machine, well, I can now....

Bye for now,


1 comment:

Mariam said...

hello samantha

I need help
my knitting machine same your and have problem in the ribber it is stuck, and change the Sponge bar and dose not work

sorry for my bad english and pleas help me