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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Something about me, and I'm back

Here I am, posting again after three weeks of strike and I decided that today I would talk about me instead of my knitting.
Well, I should start by talking about my high school years, oh, how great they were, didn't you like your high school, and as a matter of fact I'm a bit curious I'll put a poll up and let me know.
But anyway, as I was saying I loved high school, I attended CPAs school here in Italy, and I loved it mainly because it had many subjects that I liked, such as economy, and we studied some subjects that aren't in use anymore, such as computerized calculation, which didn't have nothing of computer that we use now.
We also studied shorthand which I really really liked, mainly because of our teacher which was so strange but so funny at the same time. You see, she was very old, and although more than 30 years have gone by she's still alive and kicking, anyway, she always looked tired and sleepy but when she went to the black board and wrote those strange signs, I mean she was so fast that I remember saying in mind, her hand, her hand's gonna fall from the wrist!
And are there a lot of you out there that studied shorthand?

More next time,
Was I boring?

Bye for now,



Susan said...

Nice to see you back - I was wondering what had happened to you.
I hated school and couldn't wait to get away from the place. I've been trying to think of some happy memories from my schooldays but do you know what, I can't think of one.
Did you ever get that sweater finished?

Samantha said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I finshed that sweater but since it needs the cut 'n sew neckline, and I'm not very experienced at it, I'm afraid I'll ruin everything so, I just keep not finishing it.
Maybe a video might be useful, do you have any?


Susan said...

I haven't made a video of a cut and sew neckline but I could put it on my 'to do' list.