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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Next: Socks on the ribber

I don't know what happened to the machine. Since the p carriage and the p presser didn't arrive yet, I decided to start a new sweater for my niece, I knitted the stockinet hem, the started using punchcard 10 from the basic pack.
I made a complete pattern then it started dopping a load of stitches here and there.
Why, why did that happen, I tried all the other punchcard from the basic pack I've got and they've all worked. Re knitted the sweater three times with no success, then I gace up.
Instead I thought I would knit a pair of socks form the Mary Weaver ribbing attachment book. I'll give it a try. There are patterns for both seamed and circular socks.
We'll see what happens.

Bye for now,


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