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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Finished items -1

I'm writing today because I wanted to show you all the things I've knitted since last post.

As you may know I have a KR6 Knit Radar for my Knitaster 321 but somehow I never got round using it because I couldn't get the hang of using the graph instead of using written instructions.
I was inspired by Susan's videos about using the Knit Radar, once I understood it now thanks to her I think I'll always use the Knit Radar.

This is my first Knit Radar knitted pullover:

It uses punchcard number 4 from the basic Knitmaster set, in tuck stitch, (don't get angry Susan if I copied it), here's how the pattern looks like:

It's in hot pink, it has borders made in a 1x1 rib. It was fairly easy to make, I got into trouble for the neckband as I had knitted it but I didn't know how to put on the neck with no mistakes, it wasn't easy sewing it either as I'm not an expert on sewing needles, but I got through it. It isn't 'perfect' but it's all right for me.

I also made a pair of socks,I knitted them by hand using 4 needles, (I hate using 5, I never made socks on 5 needles), here's how they look like:

I used a set 4mm sock needles, using 4ply they were obviously knitted in the round with no seams. The have a 2knit-2purl rib:

The cuffs are actually turned over as the leg portion is longer, I wanted them like that as I can leave them long like they are if I want or turn the cuff over and make them shorter, here's how they look with the longer leg portion:

That's all for today, but I do have 2 more finished items that I want to show them to you tomorrow.

Bye for now,



Susan said...

I'm glad I inspired you to use your knit radar and the sweater looks great. It's so much easier than following a written patter isn't it?
I don't know how you have the patience to hand knit socks. I tried it once and hated it - I only made one sock because I just couldn't face making the second one.

Monique said...

You've been busy and your projects look great!